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Historically, the international system has been changed from time to time and the global politics noticeably have been re-shaped after the Second World War regarding the function of states, rules and processes of global governance. The roles of some traditional powers have been placed by many emerging powers, which have played actively role in the system. The new players in the current system are known as “middle powers”, and this concept is popular since after the Cold War.

The status of middle power itself, like major power’s status, is not permanent, but it is a cycle and unpredictable. The two traditional middle powers, closed friends of the United States, namely Australia and Canada, emerged after the Cold War and now are seen to retreat from its activism as middle-power while many emerging middle powers, as South Korea, exist and play its middle power activism actively in the current system. South…

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CTN Interview President of CSAK, Mr.UCH Chamroeun

Greetings from Cambodian Students’ Association in Korea, everyone!

Cambodia Television Network (CTN) honorably interviewed Mr. Uch Chamroeun, President of Cambodian Students’ Association in Korea (CSAK), on August 18, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. The purpose of the interview is to learn more about CSAK and how it was established, goals and missions of this association, as well as all the achievements CSAK has made so far. In the meantime, Mr. Chamroeun has also pointed out the differences between pursuing degree in South Korea and Cambodia, adding with his personal ideas regarding changes in Cambodia’s educational system. He particularly had a chance to briefly tell what he is doing for Cambodia and ASEAN during his extremely busy academic life here. Lastly, he showed his strong encouragement as well as shared his own useful tips to all Cambodian Students who wish to study abroad, especially South Korea.

With warmest regards,
CSAK Executive Committee


Fostering ASEAN Future Leaders Program 2015/2016

“Fostering ASEAN Future Leaders Program 2015/2016”

“Fostering ASEAN Future Leaders Program 2015/2016” is an ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Project between the ASEAN University Network (AUN) and Daejeon University (DJU). The project is jointly funded by the ASEAN-ROK Future Oriented Cooperation Programs Funds and Daejeon University. The program offers exchange scholarships for 20 undergraduate students from ASEAN student to study at Daejeon University, the Republic of Korea (ROK). The scholarship includes tuition fees, room and board, round-trip ticket, basic medical insurance and monthly living allowance for one academic year.

Follow the link to download the attached files:
A. Application Package and Information, which includes:
1. Application Form
2. Statement of Intent to Return Form
3. Medical Questionnaire
4. Reference Form
5. Scholarship Condition Agreement
B. ASEAN Student Handbook 2015

How to apply:

1) For AUN Member Universities (please refer to the list of members in the application package), after completing the application requirements, applicant shall request his/her university international office or other authorized bodies to submit the original application package (including an application form, medical questionnaire, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose to return etc.) to AUN Secretariat and send a copy of all required documents to the Daejeon University to the contact information.

2) For Non-AUN Member Universities, applicant may submit his/her application both directly to the AUN Secretariat and Daejeon University by post without going through his/her IRO.

Submission deadline: 14 July 2015

Contact information:
Ms. Pasita Marukee
ASEAN University Network Secretariat
Tel: +662 215 3640, ext 102

Ms. KIM Na-yeon
Office of International Affairs, Daejeon University
Tel: +82 42- 280-2182